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Laramie County Chiropractic Testimonials

My Life Has Improved Beyond Measure

The Dr Morrow is a very skilled Chiropractor; before my first adjustment, I had a great deal of back pain and great difficulty bending over while working in my yard. That was years ago; I now visit him weekly. My life has improved beyond measure.

~Allen M.

Professional But Personal and Kind

As a first-time patient, I called and had an appointment within an hour and a half. Dr. Morrow was friendly and easy to talk to, and the ladies at reception/check-in/x-ray were amazing! Everyone was professional but personal and kind.

~Lisa H.

Professional and Patient

Was a little scared as well. Have never been to a chiropractor, and do not like doctors in general (my dentist excepted). I didn’t have an actual appointment, but the Doc fit me in and was professional and very patient. Have gone back and will continue.

~Kathy M.

Immediate Relief After One Visit

After a night of the worst back pain of my life, I appreciated being able to be seen for a same day appointment. Dr. Morrow was able to bring my back pain to a manageable level after just one visit. He and his staff were very professional and easy to talk to.

~Dani O.

I Will Not Go Anywhere Else

I have been a patient of Dr. Morrow’s for many years. I will not consider going anywhere else! His background, education and training from Palmer College are the best chiropractic science available. I have had severe headaches for years and was being treated, however poorly, with drugs that wiped me out. I rarely consider drugs now – Dr. Morrow sees me immediately if I have a headache BUT my headaches are so RARE now because my body is happy and aligned through Dr. Morrow’s care!

~Marjorie B.

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Full of Smiles and Kindness

Everyone was full of smiles and kindness. The doctor carefully explained all we needed to know… and was patient with us after we watched Kaylee’s head whipped around. Phew, that was amazing. She said, after her second appointment that she was feeling better. “Loose” was how she described it. She is tickled to have someone care for her and be kind … she loves the doctor. My husband is similarly impressed and looking forward to finding relief himself. I am hesitant about what will happen to me, but I have had chronic issues with my spine, meningitis, loss of balance and muscle strength and searing pain that knocks me on my butt. If the doctor can help relieve this pain, it would be a.miracle. We look forward to how everyone will be helped and to do it in such a friendly environment.

~Kaylee K.

Love The Results

Love the results I receive on every visit. I get a tuneup every two weeks and feel great. I am going on 72 and want to remain active. This way I get good sleep and lots of energy. Thanks.

~Larry K.

Great People

I felt like death warmed over when I walked in the first time. Now I feel normal again. I think everyone at Laramie County Chiropractic are great people. I give my recommendations regularly! Thank you!

~Troy R.

Phenomenal Chiropractor

Dr. Morrow and his staff are amazing. Dr. Morrow is a phenomenal chiropractor who passionately cares about his patience needs and the ladies at the front desk are simply fantastic. I truly value every aspect of my experience at Laramie County Chiropractic.

~Glenn M.

Improved Back Pain And Headaches

I’m so fortunate to have found Laramie County Chiropractic. Since being treated there my headaches and back pain is 100% improved. I have seen many chiropractors and am very impressed by the professionalism, treatment methodology and education that Dr. Morrow and his staff provide.

~Renee D.


Thank you for getting me in same day, due to cancellation. Everyone at your office is awesome! I felt better, could move, and slept better after first visit. I hadn’t felt this good in years! Thank you so much for everything you have done and continue to do for me.

~Kris S.

Very Friendly, Efficient And Knowledgeable

The staff were both very friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. I felt welcome from the minute I first walked in the door, actually from the first time I called the office. Dr. Morrow listened to my concerns and addressed them each. I feel that I will absolutely be helped with my pain and discomfort and am looking forward to a very solid relationship.

~Marc W.

Never Had A Better Experience

Never had a better chiropractic experience period. They will show you whats wrong and how they are correcting the problem as you go. Had a bad experience in this area you say? Well you should have gone to Jared.

~Brady B.


The staff is friendly helpful and accommodating. Dr. Marrow is professional courteous and caring.

~Evelyn J.

Welcoming and Thorough

Having recently moved to Cheyenne from out-of-state, I was looking for a chiropractor who I could trust for my neck & back adjustments. After looking on-line, I found Laramie County Chiropractic, read through the info and the comments, then made my first appointment. From the moment I walked through the door I knew I made the right choice…everyone was very welcoming, explained the process, and were open to my many questions. Having been using my previous chiropractor off & on (not as consistent as I should have been) for over 20 years, I was a bit anxious to start with someone new, but I immediately felt comfortable with Dr. Morrow. X-rays & a light adjustment were done on the first visit, then reviewed on the second visit. We discussed the plan to correct my rather “messed up” and painful neck & upper back areas, as well as my lower back, and how long it could take. I have already started to feel a difference after only 3 adjustments and I look forward to seeing how my neck & back will be feeling in the next 6-8 weeks!

~Lisa S.

Awesome Job!

Awesome job! From the first phone call to make an appointment to the follow up appointments the entire staff has been awesome! Dr. Morrow does an excellent job and quickly helped me get back to a healthy body! Thank you!

~Melissa S.


Jared Morrow and staff were expedient, professional, courteous and obviously interested in my overall health! A great team with great attitudes, too.

~Rory W.

Seen Right Away!

I was seen right away and everyone was so very kind. I appreciate how caring this staff continues to be.

~Janet E.

Feeling Much Better!

Dr. Morrow is a great guy. He takes the time to explain things. His staff is so sweet. My neck and back feel much better.

~Kristen W.

Best Care Available!

Everyone in the office is so nice. They always work around my schedule. Laramie County Chiropractic is the best care available in Cheyenne and surrounding area.

~Lyn T.

The Best!

This is the best chiropractic place I have been to. They are very welcoming and work around my schedule and get me in and out of there as quickly as possible. I come out feeling better and refreshed.

~Cheroke H.

Changed Me!

You changed my way of thinking about chiropractic care.

~Paul G.

Impressive Customer Service!

I couldn’t have been more impressed with the customer service skills of Gina and Meriah. Both of them introduced themselves and and learned my name before I even had an appointment. They’ve got it down. Of course, Dr. Jarred is a wonderful guy and is snapping me back together.
~Darin S.

Great Healing!

Thank you for the great healing work you are doing!

~Kirsten R.

Great First Visit!

My first chiropractic experience was great, considering I was very nervous. Everyone in the office is incredibly welcoming and helpful. Dr. Morrow thoroughly explains his plan for your care and puts you at ease while doing so. I know that I will be back to feeling healthy again in no time!

~Jenae L.

Helping Knee Issue!

I really appreciated being heard when I explained the condition of my right knee. All my life it has had a tendency to slip out of socket if I moved wrong on it. Dr. Morrow did a traction type of treatment to it and I feel it is in better balance with itself. The traction action has really helped. Loving my visits so far and expect to continue to love them.

~Linda L.


Kimberly C.

Great First Visit!

I appreciate the greeting from the pleasant staff ! Everyone was very informative and focused on helping the patient! I will definitely refer all family and friends to your establishment, for my first experience this was a great one!

~Kimberly C.

Able to Golf and Get Around Much Easier!

Laramie County Chiropractic Patient

Improved Golf Game!

Prior to treatment I was always in pain in my lower back. It would lighten up with ice and pain pills, I had two back surgeries, the last one they fused two disks so I thought that I couldn’t get adjusted. Before getting adjusted I couldn’t play competitive sports I had to be very careful not to do anything that required fast movement or jumping.

The staff is wonderful during my visits Dr. Morrow is very good at making adjustments to my back. My condition now is so much better, I’m not in constant pain, I am able to golf and get around better than the last six years. My life has changed since starting treatment. I am able to do more things without being in pain. I would highly recommend to other people that are experiencing the same pain to come in and meet with Dr. Morrow. You will be very satisfied.

~ R.P.

Laramie County Chiropractic chiropractic patient

Highly Recommend Laramie County Chiropractic!

Highly Recommend Dr. Morrow & His Team!

Before I came to Dr. Morrow I experienced back, shoulder and neck pain mostly from sitting at a desk and working at a computer all day. I would do stretches and twist my head side to side to try to relieve tension and discomfort, which temporally worked.

I can’t say that I did not do certain activities because of this condition. But I can say I feel much better after having regular treatments. Dr. Morrow and his staff are very personable and professional and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

~ R.L.

Love my experiences with Laramie County Chiropractic

I have been cared for by Dr. Morrow for about 3 years now. I absolutely love the way they run the office! We cannot choose when our backs and necks decide to go out. But we can choose a chiropractor who adapts his schedule at the drop of a hat to fit you in and takes care of you. I never ever have to wait days to see the doctor when I am hurting or just needing a tweeking! He gets me right in. They are friendly and my bimonthly visits keep me in tip top shape. I have had chiropractic care for the majority of my life. I love the way they have plans to keep you tuned up!

~ D.R.

Haven’t had sciatic problems for years since seeing Dr. Morrow!

Laramie County Chiropractic Patient

No more sciatic nerve pain!

My sciatic nerve on the left side was affecting my left leg and I had back pain. I visited another chiropractor and I visited him regularly, but he said he really couldn’t treat the sciatic nerve, he suggested having x-rays, possible surgery or injections. I really wasn’t limited to too much; my leg was getting bad enough I had to curtail walking. My back hurts when bending, such as yard work.

I was referred to Dr. Morrow because he had treated two of my friends for sciatic nerve. Since having treatments I haven’t had any sciatic nerve problems for years. I am pain free in that area. Dr. Morrow is a very kind and understanding. Gina is wonderful, such a caring and fun person. I really haven’t gotten to know the new girl, but she is very pleasant. All the staff is very caring, considerate and personable. I would and have recommend Dr. Morrow to others and will continue to-do so.

~ C.T.

Chiropractic changed my life

I am an 18- year old teenager. I enjoy various activities such as kick boxing, swimming, and weight lifting. However, I did not always have the ability to do everything. Starting in my early teens, I started to hunch over like most teenagers do; I also gained a ton of weight. I was bordering 170 pounds. About the age of 15 or 16, people started to expect good posture. “Stand up straight!”, they said. I did try, but it seemed my back had a permanent hunch in it. I convinced myself that it would go away and get better with time. I didn’t think it was something I had to “work on”.Show More

In 2012; I had to get some X-Rays done for something else. The radiologist looked at the X-rays and said I had scoliosis. My doctor said that I needed to see a surgeon for possible surgery to get it fixed. At the time, my mom was going to see Dr.Morrow, a chiropractor, and she insisted that I go see him. My mom was convinced that Dr. Morrow could make a difference, because she thought he walked on water. I was extremely resistant. I had heard horror stories from some people about their own chiropractor. Some had to change clothes beforehand, some took weeks to get in, and some had to wait an hour in the waiting room before they even got to the doctor. So, it comes as no surprise that my mom had to drag me to the chiropractor.

The environment is great, they are always happy to see me, and the entire appointment takes 15 minuets at most. I have never waited more then five or ten minuets for my turn. I didn’t think a chiropractor could do any good. I was sure surgery was the only option. I walked in with a bad attitude. When Doctor Morrow told me I could go on without surgery, I rolled my eyes and said “yea whatever.” I was dragged to the chiropractor twice a week for many months. I didn’t notice at first a difference, but my family did. They finally stopped telling me to stand up straight every five minuets. I started to look forward to going to the chiropractor. I didn’t cringe and roll my eyes about it. Now, I have my weight under control after loosing 50 pounds, and I work out regularly. I walk with a straight back looking ahead instead of at the ground. I know when I go to UW I will come back at least twice a month to see this awesome chiropractor who has made a difference in my life. I am enjoying life. I still have a little bit of a curve in my back, but I think it will improve with time and chiropractic care.

~ G.L.

Got to return to the things I love!

I was a ballerina for almost 30 years! I absolutely love it! As I grew older, I continued in excellent health enjoying all sorts of things like tap dancing, karate, running, and archery.

A hip injury brought me to Dr Morrow’s office. I had stopped all the things I loved, was limping a bit, and thought hourly of the constant nagging discomfort in my hip. Through Dr Morrow’s care and adjustments, I am doing perfectly fine today! I am so thankful!Show More

My four children and I go all together to Dr Morrow for chiropractic treatment faithfully two times a month. We go more often then when we feel we need it. We have been going to Dr Morrow for almost four years. We are very grateful for Dr Morrow` skill and concern for our family. He is wonderful to all of us, he always makes us feel better, and all of his patients love him!

One of my children says “what I like about Dr Morrow is he actually makes you seem cared about. Most doctors talk “at” you, but doctor morrow talks “to “you. He helps you without prescription or operation. He fixed my headaches! I used to have migraines so bad that I would throw up and heave to go to bed. It has almost been one year since my last migraine! I had never considered chiropractic care to help me before. I also enjoy the bright cheerfulness of the staff.”

Another child says, “Dr Morrow is a good doctor and he is easy to talk to about whatever is hurting me. He is nice. He makes me feel better, and I can schedule and appointment whenever I want to. Miss Gina is fun to see too!”

Another child says,” Dr Morrow does my appointments really quick and really good! I like going!”

I wish all the health care professionals were as careful about their health and exercise as Dr Morrow is. He is an excellent example and encouragement to help you take good care of the body and life God has given you.

Yes, it is hard work to recover from an injury. Yes, it is hard work to start back on the treadmill for only two or three minuets. With God’s help, with Dr Morrow’s expertise, and with your determination, you can feel better!

Another great thing about going to visit Dr Morrow’s office is the very sweet girls Gina and Mariah who greet you when you step into the office! Miss Gina is an excellent office manager and a rare jewel in this world with her happy attitude, gorgeous smile and professionalism.

If you are reading this and hurting today, I urge you to call Dr Morrows office. You will be so glad you did, and your road to a well balanced, pain free life can begin now!

I recommend Dr Morrow’s office to everyone I know! Chiropractic care is important; good health is a blessing to be taken care of!

~ K.L.

[PRACTICENAME] headache patient

No more daily headaches!

No more daily headaches!

I was having constant headaches prior to treatment. I was taking Advil, Excedrin, anything and nothing was helping with relief. I wasn’t able to perform and activities as a result of my condition, I was just miserable all the time.

The staff at Laramie County Chiropractic is phenomenal! They are very upbeat and always able to get me in and out quickly. My Condition now is much better and I rarely have a headache.

~ C.R.

Chiropractic for optimal health

Laramie County Chiropractic Patient

Chiropractic for optimal health

We came to Dr. Morrow looking for wellness care for our family after moving to Cheyenne from a different state. We have been under chiropractic care for over fifteen years as a way to maintain optimal health. Dr. Morrow has provided care for Mardy after a nasty fall from a ladder and also after a broken leg assisting to rehab his shoulder which was injured by the use of crutches.

Dr. Morrow and his staff are exceptional. We appreciate their open adjusting hours and willingness to fit us in when unusual things require care not within the norm. They are always friendly and accommodating. We would recommend Dr. Morrow to anyone looking for chiropractic care of any kind and for patients of any age.

~ M.W and T.W

No longer have daily pain!

Laramie County Chiropractic Patient

I no longer have daily pain!

I had been seeing another chiropractor prior to seeing Dr. Morrow.   I had been in an accident ,and I was still suffering from mild to moderate neck and back pain.   As a result of my condition when the pain was at its worst, I was forced to miss my college graduation ceremony, and didn’t get to walk across the stage.

I have made great improvements since starting care with Dr. Morrow.  I no longer have daily pain.  I always look forward to my visits.   Gina and Dr. Morrow are very warm and welcoming. You can tell that they deeply care about the health and well-being of their patients.Show More

My life has changed since receiving treatment. When you suffer from daily pain, it discourages you from doing the simplest things- Now I can do any activity I want.  No longer being in pain, it improves all aspects of your life.  I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Morrow to as many people as I can.

~ A.L.

  Headaches are GONE!

Headaches are GONE!

Headaches are GONE!

I felt incredibly uncomfortable the majority of the time.   Prior to starting treatment, my back constantly ached! I had frequent headaches and couldn’t sleep most nights.  I couldn’t tell whether it was sore muscles or compression in my spine.

Prior to treatment for my sore back, I could always count on a nice, hot bath and doing some yoga to ease the discomfort.  Stretching at times felt as though it made the pain worse. As a result of my condition, I was unable to stand for long periods of time, limited my ability to complete my yoga routine and also limited activities with my children.Show More

My back feels better than it has been in weeks. My headaches are gone.  I feel relaxed and loose. My spine flexibility had returned which is great for yoga but even better for keeping up with my kids.  The staff is courteous and welcoming!  The atmosphere is calming.  It feels as though I’ve known Jared; he asks about my day, and remembers me each week. It’s always a great experience.

My life has changed since starting treatment.  I realize how crucial spinal alignment is to feeling good. The extreme tension in my upper back and shoulders is gone.  No amount of stretching or massage can do what simple alignments area able to do. I am dedicated to maintaining my back health.
I would absolutely recommend other patients to Dr. Morrow!  I had not been to a chiropractor before and didn’t really know how beneficial it could be.  Now I tell everyone how amazing I feel and that they should try it too.

P.S.  My kids love being adjusted!   ~ M.H.

Sleep Better

Prior to treatment my back was all kinds of tight.  I was having trouble running around and my muscles would always be tight, especially in my back and neck.  I would stretch as well as take pain relievers to help my condition prior to treatments.  I was unable to run, lift weights, and sleep before I started treatment.

Now, my condition is Outstanding!  My quality of life is a complete opposite of what it used to be.  I can run, lift weights, and sleep so much better than before!  The experiences during my visits are superb!  Dr. Morrow is an A-1 professional and an outstanding caretaker.  The staff is always friendly.Show More

My life has changed since starting treatment.  I can sleep and breathe so much better and my body just performs to a higher standard.
I would ABSOLUTELY recommend other patients to come. This is the best chiropractic care I have received in many years!  Best place in Cheyenne!


Devastating back pain

I hurt my back about 15 years ago as a driller’s helper. Since that time, my back would go out on me every four or five months and leave me immobile for 5 to 10 days. I have always been very active athletically and my back pain was devastating. That was before Dr Morrow introduced me to Chiropractic care. As long as I keep up on my chiropractic visits, I don’t have to worry about any prolonged lower back pain.

The last five years or so that Dr. Morrow has given me Chiropractic care has made me a believer in the healing powers of a healthy spine. My wife’s lower back pain during her pregnancies was alleviated because of Dr. Morrow. My children have been adjusted as well. Thank you Dr. Morrow for helping to improve my overall health and quality of life.

~ J.L.

Pregnancy Adjustments

Pregnancy Adjustments

Pregnancy Adjustments

Before receiving care with Dr. Morrow, I had lower back pain, headaches, neck pain, migraines, (due to pregnancy). To treat my condition, I would have doctor visits, muscle relaxers, prescription pain medicine. The migraines made doing anything besides sleeping almost impossible.

The lower back pain made doing normal, everyday activities uncomfortable at best and extremely painful at worst. The muscle relaxers put me to sleep and the pain medication made me loopy, which made working difficult. The neck pain eventually would lead to headaches which I would use main meds for, not taking into account my pregnancy aches and pains.Show More

Since starting care with Dr. Morrow, I hardly ever have back pain anymore, neck pain every once in a while and hardly ever have severe headaches. Even the migraines are less severe and less frequent. I started coming back in mid-April when I was fourteen weeks pregnant because I was having migraines every week, some of them lasting more than 72 hours. By May, the migraines had decreased to once a month, still painful and annoyingly unpleasant but much better then they used to be.

Everyone in the office has always been very friendly and helpful. I’ve been coming in for many years, and Dr. Morrow and Gina have been witness to some very major events in my life. They always like to know how things are going- how my husband was doing during his cancer treatments, how my 1st son is doing and now my 2nd son I`m pregnant with now is growing and moving.

I`ve had such a wonderful experience that I`ve recommended several people- even my mother and father to see Dr. Morrow on a regular basis. I would highly recommend Laramie County Chiropractic. When I first came in to be treated, I never expected such a positive, profound impact that seeing Dr. Morrow would have on my life. I feel better and am happier overall. I love talking with the ladies at the front desk and other patients as well. Coming to see Dr. Morrow is definitely one of the best decisions I`ve made.

~ J.C.

Improve my current level of health

Laramie County Chiropractic Patient

Improved Health!

I suppose that most people go to a chiropractor because they are in pain or have certain symptoms that they need fixed. Sometimes that is the case with me and my family, but for the most part we go to the chiropractor to maintain, if not improve, our current level of health.

I have used chiropractic care for nearly my whole life, and I have two daughters that I have also taken to a chiropractor starting at a very young age. We have appointments every two weeks and we go whether we “feel” like we need to or not. All three of us are very active in sports and lead a busy lifestyle, so we do not have time to be “out” due to an injury or illness.Show More

My children have had perfect attendance at school for the past three years and have only missed a day here or there in the rest of their school years. I haven’t called in sick to work in over six years. I tell you all of this not to impress you, but to impress upon you how important I think chiropractic care is. You don’t stop going to the chiropractor because you no longer have symptoms or pain; you continue going because you want to ensure you stay that way.

My husband is in the Air Force and therefore we have moved many times over the past 17 years. I have had numerous chiropractors in just as many states, and I would have to say that Dr. Morrow is one of my favorites. He listens to any issues we may be having, and he is then able to fix whatever those issues we may be. He also has a wonderful staff that calls everyone by name and treats us with courtesy and respect. Dr. Morrow and his staff take time to know us as people and not just as patients, so oftentimes our conversations go above and beyond what we visit the chiropractor for. Dr. Morrow is knowledgeable in treating any condition we might be having, and he is also a wonderful resource for general health and wellness questions. Getting chiropractic care at Laramie County Chiropractic is not something you do just once in a while; it is a lifestyle. I would recommend Dr. Morrow to anyone who is looking to improve their functionality in everyday life.

~ B.K.

Laramie County Chiropractic Patient

I couldn’t walk!

I couldn’t walk!

I was in pain 3-4 times a week. I did physical therapy, and it helped for a week but went right back to the same thing. I was unable to walk long distances without my knee hurting and was unable to sleep at night since my back hurt so bad. My knee no longer hurts. I can play soccer and other sports with my kids again.

I have been able to sleep better since receiving chiropractic care. I was in a car accident while in treatment, and with two appointments he had me back to normal and pain-free. Dr. Morrow explained everything very well and is very friendly and approachable. The front desk staff is very kind, friendly, and they greet me by my first name every time I come in. I would highly recommend Dr. Jared Morrow and Laramie County Chiropractic. They have it all. Staff is nice and understanding and Dr. Morrow does a great job!

~ M.M.

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